Minfi,french,and 19YO, dancer inspired by Hyuna and Rania.
Big fan of Beast, and Dongwoon ♥

Lived in Seoul for 8 months, coming back there next summer for a 10weeks univ journey. You can follow my adventures on Instagram @Minfi


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TW: Another young woman raped in Seoul


Since my attack over a year ago, I’ve come into contact with a number of young women who are survivors and have been brave enough to go public with their stories. These women have gone through hell and back. But more than that, these women are fighters. And they aren’t going down without getting a few punches in. 

The following was written by a young woman that I had the privilege of meeting this weekend. I was introduced to her by a mutual friend who knew that I could give this person a better idea of what the legal process will be like as her case proceeds in the courts. She wanted to get her story out to as many people as possible, but has deleted her own blog for her personal safety. The men who attacked her have already begun the horrific process of badgering her, continually asking her to meet so they can apologize. I offered to post her story here on mine, since I know many of you out there gave me tons of support when I went through my own hell a year ago. And this lady needs our support. 

A fair warning, this story is hard to read, so if you trigger easily, do not proceed forward. It is a story about rape. But I will let her tell you in her own words. 


One month ago I was raped by five men in a noraebang, located on a popular street in Gangnam.

I’m a 23-year-old American woman; I’ve lived in Korea for 7 months. It was my first Saturday night out in ages. I’d decided to take a well-deserved break from my busy life and just spend a night with friends, dancing and singing. My female neighbor and I set off for Seoul, ready to enjoy the evening.

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I am shocked ~

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A un peu plus d’un mois avant mon départ, je commence vraiment à être excitée et à prévoir un tas de choses à faire. Mon compte vient tout juste d’être débité d’un peu plus de 1 000€ ( aïe ), alors maintenant je n’ai vraiment plus le choix, je dois obtenir ma première année de licence car pendant…

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Changement de page web

Changement de page web

Pour partager ma nouvelle aventure en Corée , je propose un nouveau site.

Tout se déroulera ici : http://expeditioncoree.tumblr.com/    Je prévois une mise à jour régulière et sûrement quotidienne !                        Je vous conseille également de me suivre sur instagram pour plus de publications! 

Suivez-moi vite sur http://expeditioncoree.tumblr.com/ ,  le voyage commence dans un mois ! ;)

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Bientôt de retour en Corée !
Je prévois de faire un stage linguistique de 10 semaines cet été à l’université catholique de…View Post
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from dongwoonhe’s always so handsome ㅋ 

i agree
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